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Preparing for Your Angel Reading

Preparing for Your Angel Reading Lee shares Angel readings with individuals, couples, families and groups. For over twenty- five years, she has communicated blessings from the Angels in many forms to empower, encourage, and uplift fellow seekers. Make the most of your experience with Lee and your Angels and guides by preparing yourself.

Angel readings offer guidance, encouragement, and assistance in understanding one's own challenges and opportunities. These sessions also help to establish an individual's own connection to Spirit, their Angels and Divine guidance.

There are several ways you can prepare to make the most of your session:

Where are your thoughts focused at this time?

Is there a particular project, person, or idea that has been on your mind? Capture those items, so you can ask if the Angels are suggesting it would be fruitful for you to focus more in this area, or whether this is something that you can ease out of your consciousness at this time.

Take some time to be quiet with yourself.

Calm your mind and relax. Notice how you are feeling, and listen within. What can you hear from your inner self? Does this raise questions for you about your home, work, family, health?

Make a list of questions you have.

If you could understand anything about a current, past or future circumstance, what would you want to learn? Then prioritize this list to your top 3-5 questions. What is most important for you to gain a better understanding of at this time?

Do you have a sense that you need to change something for you now?

What seems ripe for change? You may want to ask how you can best make this change and what actions would be most supportive for you.

If you'd like to take notes during your reading or record it though a free conference call link obtained through the internet, you are most welcome to do so.

Enjoy this special time to connect to your deepest self, receive Angelic guidance, and develop a new understanding of the events, people, challenges and opportunities that are most important in your life.

Through love all pain will turn to medicine.

~ Rumi

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