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At this most precious time on Earth, there is a gentle and subtle pause if a swing stops for a brief moment before it starts again. In this pause there is the opportunity to catch one’s breath, to be in the in-between place before the next breath begins. So it is for all beings who are on Earth now as the Earth is between heart beats, just as the Autumn Equinox unfolds in many parts of the world. It is the perfect balance of yin and yang, night and day, Moon and Sun, Earth and Stars.

As the season in many places upon the Earth begins its transition towards the darker, more inward months it is also a time for humans to be gathering the essence and memories of the summer season.

At this time there is a greater awareness than ever before in the consciousness of human beings, that all are connected to each other. Like the roots of a large family of trees, like the aspen tree or a pod of dolphin in the ocean, or stars in the heavens that create a constellation; humans are learning deeply and profoundly across the globe, the effect that thoughts, words and deeds have upon one another. It is a seismic shift in thought in many parts of the cultures of the world, from thinking of oneself as autonomous and independent to interdependent and connected.

As in the symbol of the scales, the balance of night and day, the touch of sunlight as the night gives way to the daytime hours or the grace of night as the sun slips below the horizon, there is a deep desire in the human psyche for peace and balance.

Where in your life are you opening to create this energy of peace and balance? It may require a letting go of a stuck thought, repetitive pattern or outdated belief that doesn’t serve your inner heart’s desire for balance and peace. Seeing the other as oneself, creates deeper desire for understanding of one’s self and acceptance of all parts of one’s self.

One may want to push away what is perceived as ugly, profane or hateful. Yet to see the “negative” in another and yet not also see it in oneself limits the opportunity for growth and change. To love oneself is to accept all parts of yourself and to forgive wherever you perceive you might have chosen a more loving and kind way to be, but did not. To love another also may require acceptance and forgiveness. In forgiving, energy is freed to be used for more loving and conscious acts of kindness.

Give over any distressing or negative thoughts with your breath and with sincere desire open to peace and goodness. Focus exactly on the essence of the outcome that you want to experience for oneself. Begin with inviting in more peace. Peace in your own heart, love for yourself, total and complete acceptance and forgiveness of all that you are, from this place like a wave from the ocean, that energy of peace will reach the farthest shore. When you give over of yourself, when you for- give, you relax restricted energy to begin to flow again.

When you attune to the elemental energies of Earth, Air, Fire and Water be especially thankful and grateful. For every glass of water you drink, for the air that you breath, for the warmth of the sun upon your face, for the Earth that feeds and nourishes you and gives you your body and form, give thanks. In giving thanks with a prayer, affirmation, song, dance, poem, caress, thought or action, you are demonstrating your love for your home. This home of Earth that provides you with all you need for a beautiful life. When the elements are out of balance and harmony, they are reflecting the thought forms of human beings. All is connected, Nature is connected to you and you are connected to Nature. Give thanks, happy thoughts, gratitude, reverence, for the gifts that are given for you to have ground to walk upon, food to eat, water to drink, air to breath.

Give thanks with your heart, with your prayers, with your words and with your deeds. You help to create a relationship of respect, love, harmony and balance to the Earth and all that live upon it.

The Earth is your home and your teacher. We encourage you to love your neighbor as yourself, starting with the Earth as you neighbor, your Mother, your friend.

Sing to the Earth, quiet the fires of distress in your own hearts, be kind to each other. The Earth is your teacher for balancing emotions, for being peaceful, being in love, being in kindness and care for yourself, and showing kindness and care for one another and for all that lives and breathes upon the Earth. She shows you the balance of light and dark, night and day, yin and yang.

The Angels and all beings of Spirit, love and cherish the world you live in, and love and cherish you. Lift up your eyes to the stars, the moon, the sky, the sun and see your own magnificence reflected there. Look out upon the horizon around you and see the infinite possibilities stretching into the Universe. Feel the Earth beneath your feet and the kindness that comes from the Earth as a constant support for your life. The Angels are with you to help you in relaxing into a positive flow for a positive outcome of peace balance harmony and love for yourself and for all of the world.

Blessings of goodness, mercy, kindness, balance and peace to you all at this sacred moment.

In love,

The Angels of the Universe

Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations

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Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.

~ John Muir

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