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Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations


Beloved ones,

You are a precious, one- of- kind human being. You are in your world, fully in the experience of discovery. You clothe yourself in your ongoing vision of what is important to you, what matters to you. As you grow in your human form you develop your own skills, talents, awareness and knowing of these things in your world.

These knowings are influenced by your environment, your family, and your group around you.

You can also experience a different way to grow beyond your vision of yourself, how you thought of yourself when you were two years old or ten years old is very different from who you see and know yourself to be now. As a natural law of the universe, all is fluid and every changing.

As a person, it can be easy to be with others who are dressed similarly to you or like the same music or eat the same food or share the same ideas. It can also be stimulating and thought-provoking to be with those who are different than you and even at times challenging to your view of yourself and life, yet that is the very reason you are here. To remember that you came to be delighted by the diversity of the earth you live upon and to share your own uniqueness and happiness with others.

Imagine you are on a team dressed in green shirts and you are playing a game with a team dressed in white shirts. You are very committed to your team and to “winning”. Then suddenly half way through the game there is an announcement to switch sides and play with the other team. What does that feel like? Can you allow yourself to adjust and enjoy this new view and experience and see it as a way to help you grow in your own awareness of love and understanding of diversity and differences? Then the rule of the game changes again and all are winners, all are held in the circle of love.

Now imagine that you are musician and you play the flute in an orchestra. You love to play the flute and you have worked many hours to perfect your fingering and playing of the notes and you feel proud of your ability and confident that you play beautifully.

Suddenly the conductor of the orchestra asks you to sit in a different chair than you are used to or play in a different tempo or key. You may feel scared and be frightened or angry. You have been attached to this position for a long time, your instrument and way of playing has become “you”. You may think that you might mess-up playing in a new way. You might fail or be embarrassed. You might play the wrong note! You might lose your confidence or pride, something precious to you. But we ask you to consider that rather than losing your position that has been known to you that perhaps you are gaining an invaluable understanding of another way of being and expressing yourself. You are learning how to be flexible and fluid. Unattached to your position and curious about learning. You have more spaciousness within because you are opening to receive an alternate experience.

You can choose to be curious, what can your learn, how can your stretch yourself by trying a new way of playing? Sitting in a different chair? Playing next to new people in the orchestra? Or even playing an entirely different instrument. Maybe you will even love it more than what you have known, you will certainly have an understanding of what that instrument sounds like and the effort it takes for others to learn to play it.

That is what is being asked of humanity now. To bring forth the frequency of divine love more fully into complete physical manifestation requires a new approach. What is familiar to you now, was once new and unfamiliar to you.

To come into a physical body takes unfathomable amounts of preparation, care and planning. Divinity is in every touch. To be in a physical body requires one to open to the unknown. What was once new and even frightening, becomes familiar, natural and normal.

Like a toddler learning to walk, it takes curiosity to see the world from a higher perspective, it is a natural part of growth. Falling is natural, then standing up and trying again.

To choose to live your life from a place of love requires letting go of a fixed idea, ideology and tribalism. To exercise your innate and divine freedom to choose to love. Love for the new and unfamiliar and the familiar and known. Family and friends, those who are near and dear to you, and those who are new to you and have different thoughts and ideas.

For a time, separating into tribal groups, family groups, country groups can create a sense of belonging and of comfort. But when one goes out exploring you may find that you like the food that another tribe is eating or you like the clothes and style from another country or music or way of thought. The desire to grow and blossom is natural. You do not place a book onto the top of your head when you are 17 or 71 and say; “This is it, I like this age, this is as far as I am going to grow”. If you do so, you limit all the possibilities and fruits that can come from the gifts waiting at these other ages and stages of your development.

In accepting this reality that you are here now, sounding your own note and song through your own heart, we encourage you to continue to attune your “instrument”, your heart, your intention, to the most melodious and harmonious sounds you can make. Kind speech, kind actions, loving deeds, the desire to help create peace and goodness for all.

To utilize your freedom to choose and to have patience with those who are unfamiliar to you or different; dissolving your own perhaps righteous position, to accept the suffering of others and allowing love to fill your heart. All beings experience some form of suffering, and all people, all creatures of Earth, thrive with love.

There is a pandemic of anger and fear in human thought that has reached a crescendo. Many are frightened of one another. The cure for all is, love. Love in action may look like a friendly wave, an offering of food, taking care of each other as you would like to be cared for. There are as many ways to express love as there are stars in the heavens. Delight in discovering what are your ways.

Fear and even anger of the “other” is a familiar story upon your Earth, it is harmful and hurtful to the development of human potential. It takes willing hands and hearts to form a new way, a new channel to bring into realization the flowing current of love that is always existing, but not always felt or demonstrated. By choosing to allow this flow to grow stronger within you contributes to the frequency, the wave of love growing and washing over all with divine grace and goodness.

To be willing to say perhaps I am wrong or perhaps I can learn something new, perhaps I can ask why my neighbors or fellow citizens are frightened. Can I hear them with my heart? Can I be willing to listen? Can I be willing to discover what we can create together for the good of all?

This is possible now. The orchestra is playing loudly yet with cacophony and chaos each instrument wanting to be the loudest. When there is a willingness to be patient and take turns, there will be more harmony and melody. Kindness will blossom.

Be assured beloved ones, that the orchestra of Earth will be able to play together beautifully. You are here now to help create the song. Focusing on love, creates more of this experience for yourself and your world.

There is no place else like the Earth in all of the galaxy, it is its own unique and beautiful symphony heard through the cosmos with its own sacred sounds. When you see your beautiful world from the images shown to you from your astronauts you do not see lines that are drawn on the earth, you see one image, one earth.

On your beautiful earth now, you present home in this galaxy, you have the opportunity, the freedom, to offer kindness and empathy. To show that you care for others and what they have suffered, even those who have perpetuated violent acts. To choose love is the highest teaching and experience that one can have in a human form. To love oneself as ones neighbor is a divine teaching from one of Earth’s great spiritual master. To open fully to the acceptance of all events with the desire to understand and offer love and care creates a path to peace.

We see all as loved ones. We see all as valuable and precious. All are included in this orchestra of love. Separation, tribalism and war are as futile as the right and left hands fighting with each other. The fingers being angry with the hand, the foot being angry with the elbow. To have unity and harmony requires appreciating, valuing and honoring all parts of the body as sacred and important to the whole. Honoring all people as important and valuable to the whole body of humanity is essential to the well being of all.

If there is an illness of the body, the patient learns much about what to do, what is required to bring the body into better health and well-being. It may require adjustments, surgery, new approaches. So it is now, blaming and shaming others creates more illness and discord.

When you stub your toe or hurt your finger it could be all that you think about. It consumes your attention. If you soothe it and tend to it, the hurt lessens. If you breathe and allow for your breath to flow in and out of your heart, the hurt and anxiety and fears lessen even more. As you focus your attention on what you want to feel, that is what you will feel. Focus on the most beautiful and loving experience you can envision, from that place it is more easily manifested in your physical world. Your energy and focus helps to uplift your spirits and others, and heal the pain.

Focus now on what you envision as the most beautiful possible life for yourself, your loved ones, your Earth and all upon the Earth.

We surround each and every one of you with our love. We encourage all to be courageous in asking questions and exploring ways to lay down the illusion of separation, blending your “colors” your energy to create a song of love for all.

Appreciation and curiosity of diversity and one’s own uniqueness and others, creates dynamic and fulfilling love.

Envision all human hearts everywhere beating as one. A cloud of soft light in multi faceted prismatic hues descends from the heavens, it wafts over all like a gentle warm breeze, everyone smiles and feels uplifted.. All the people have forgotten their division, Heaven on Earth has come.

You are free too, you feel blissfully at peace, joyfully ecstatic and full of Love. You know that your heart is attuned to the frequency of love. You are centered in the true knowing that you are safe, you are whole, you are perfect and you are complete.

You see this truth in all those who are around you, divinity is within all. Heaven is within you and you are held within it, always.

Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations

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Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations

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