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Angels and Archangels are Beings that serve humanity with unconditional love. They are available to help us in the manifestation of peace and harmony throughout the Universe. All people can be in touch with the Angelic realms. They are happy to assist in creating focus and direction to one's life by sharing insights and wisdom from expanded realms of Consciousness.

Many wonderful books, movies and teachings have been created for the sharing of understanding about these realms of consciousness. It is said that "the Angels are as many as blades of grass", their power and assistance is mighty. To open our hearts and minds to them is to be in co-creation with our own Divine plan for they can help us in achieving our soul's mission and living our lives in sacred union with our Soul, Spirit and the Divine.

Throughout history, people have sought connection to the larger Universe, some have chosen to incorporate the Angelic worlds into religious beliefs, and yet the Angelic Beings are free to all and not limited to any religion or belief system. They exist just as the Sun exists, even on a cloudy day, the Sun is still alive and present and so it is with the Angels, they are real and present.

To be in touch with Angels is to recognize your own human relationship to all of the Universe, for by being human we can be in communion with all other relations that are of the Light, including Angels.

To talk with Angels requires one to open the inner ears in the heart and mind. To be still and listen, calming the current dialogue of the mind. To breath and relax as if you are rowing a boat, putting the oars in the water, gently pulling the oars through the waters, then sitting and relaxing as the boat sails along the top of the water. To push away from the mind, is like leaving the shore of the familiar and stepping into or setting sail on uncharted waters. The love and care of your Angels will take you to the places of serenity and peace within your Self. The Angels can help us shift quickly to a more comfortable place of balance and peace within. From this place of inner peace one can hear and see and know clearly as we connect our high heart with our Soul and Spirit we become our Highest Self.

Intuition and imagination are the doorways to enter into the realm of the Angels and Divine Guidance, Spirit Guides and Friends. They are teachers of great wisdom and clarity and vision. It was Albert Einstein who said: " The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." Remember the gift.

There is no wrong way to experience Angelic communion. The Angels encourage us to be curious and open, to set aside worry, doubt and limitations. The Angels teach through subtlety, a shimmering cloud of delight, a bell ringing at the perfect time, a phone call from a dear friend at the moment of despair, a thought of humor to tickle us out of our sadness. They help us open to the wonder and beauty and goodness of life.

Love is a river Drink from it.

~ Rumi

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