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A New Pathway (2011)

In January of 2011, I embarked on a wonder-filled new venture with a dear friend, Tina Wood, and we are thrilled to be sharing these new offerings with you. Through our company,  AdventurousSpiritTravel, we will be co-facilitating spiritual pilgrimages to help people be in touch with the Angels and Divine Beings in Nature all around the world. Through visiting places of beauty and spiritual significance with small groups of like-hearted people we will deepen our awareness and connection to Spirit and the Angels...

Update (2013)

Since the inception of Adventurous Spirit Travel I have had the great honor and delight of traveling with my travel and business partner, Tina Wood, to places of great beauty and spiritual upliftment, including Ireland, Mt Shasta, California and New Mexico.

In the fall of 2012 my dear elderly parents and other family members moved to Colorado and with this change of residence for them it has allowed me the opportunity to enjoy being with them at this special time in their lives.

Because of this, my travel schedule and plans with Adventurous Spirit Travel have changed and I will be handing over my part of the travel guide experience to my competent, capable and extraordinary friend, Tina.

Tina will be continuing to offer spiritual tours around the world partnering with other teachers in the various traditions of mystic experiences, including the teachings of the Celtic traditions, Native American and others.

If you are considering the idea of traveling to explore the world in a spiritual way, I recommend that you go with Adventurous Spirit Travel.

Tina has shown the ability to connect with the essential nature of the places that we have visited, leading clients to have life-changing and soulful experiences. With a knack for finding local guides that are helpful in discovering what is important and illuminating about a location, these journeys are unique, special and affordable.

We will also continue to offer together local gatherings to the Boulder community that relate to celebration of the seasons and other topics of spiritual interest.

Thank you for your support and please visit the Adventurous Spirit Travel website to stay tuned to upcoming special events and trips.

Click for AdventurousSpiritTravel web site.

I will also continue to offer Angel readings in my Boulder office or via the internet or by phone.

Blessings always,


Sunbeams through the Cloudy SkiesThere are two ways of spreading light,
to be the candle
or the mirror that reflects it.
    ~ Edith Wharton

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