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In January, 2012, Lee started offering a public Angel message in video format. In June, 2012, the messages were offered in written form only. In April, 2013 the messages changed to a seasonal format, Four times a year. All were archived on this site. Currently, Lee does public angel messages as directed by the angels.  Due to the importance of the times, events, and messages, all archives have been removed, allowing for full focus on these latest, most important messages below. New messages will be posted as directed. Check back often. Latest message  at the bottom, earlier messages at the top..

Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations


This is a message that I received from the Angels, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones in Spirit.

The experience that is happening now on Earth is to create a unified global shift to a new frequency, a new experience of energy, so all people can know deeply that we are all connected, that all of life is connected and that we do effect and touch each other. Mother Earth is also transitioning as a living being too.

I received a message to go to my bookshelf and find a book called “ The Dictionary of Angels “ by Gustav Davidson from 1967 that I have had since I was a child. ( I had even forgotten that I had the book on my bookshelf)! The Angel told me to look up Angel Sabriel, who I hadn't remembered. Sabriel is one of the seven Archangels and is a healing angel to overcome disease; as is Archangel Raphael and Metatron.

Archangel Sabrael, is the specific angel who helps in overcoming disease and is working in tandem with Angel Sandelphon, who is the Angel for the Earth and is also the Angel of Glory and Prayer.

The great teachers of all faiths, all religions, and spiritual branches are very close to humans and all beings of Earth especially at this moment in the worlds experience.

The Egyptian master teachers, the South American, Native American, Aboriginal, African, Chinese, Mayan, Latin American, Ancient Celts, Druids, Asian, Pan-Pacific, and the Sami teachers and Shamans and so many other loving beings are all gathered near the Earth now.

Archangel Metatron, Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, Master St Germain, Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, Buddha of Compassion, and Kwan Yin are assisting. The list of Ascended Masters and Spiritual and celestial brothers ands sisters is long and varied. Many star dimensions are streaming their light and love to Earth.

Also, the Animal Nations and Plant and Nature Kingdoms and Elemental and Devic beings of all kinds are also involved in helping Earth grow into a new bloom of creation.

They are close to humans now as Earth is shifting into a different frequency and light dimension. They ask that we think of them as loved ones in our family who are gathered around at a sacred birth. We can call upon them by name or as a group or just know that their presence is with us. They offer their support, love and guidance, sending their energy and messages through your intuition, direct or subtle and soft messages that come to your heart and mind, and through the experiences and gifts that are brought to you through the world and through others.

This is their message:
Beloved Family,

A soft white cloud, like a blanket of healing and love is covering the Earth now. Beyond the fear you might be experiencing, you may also begin to feel the softness and gentleness and deeper quiet.

It is a time to be still and pause, to be quiet and reflect, this is necessary to make the shift. A pause has been orchestrated with Spirit to shift humans and all upon the earth to a new path. You may see us in your inner or outer visions, feel us, or see new ethereal colors, orbs, lights, sounds and feelings that are uplifting you and of a loving resonance. We are with you. We love you.

Honor and love all beings and the animals, as all is coming into a new balance, it will take some time on Earth for this change to be complete. Like first walking along a path, then getting on and off an escalator and then walking to an elevator and going to a completely new floor. You are all being moved as quickly as possible.

Those that are leaving through sickness, are blessed beings who have completed their journey on Earth in the physical and are moving with this dimensional shift as well. They are choosing to shift out of physical body to receive higher frequencies of light, education, information and love. All is being done by Spirit with much love and grace and care in the spiritual dimensions. In the human realm it can feel very sad, chaotic and stressful, but this need not be so.

Death is the next chapter of life. You may perceive that life happens only upon the Earth in the physical form but that is not so. Energy continues into new forms and creation, soul takes with it all it learns in the physical world to continue on. Love continues, this is known.

It is a sacred time. Panic can cause upset and disruption for those that are leaving. Bless those that are leaving. Many souls will be leaving to the higher frequencies to continue their journey there. Earth and humanity will be changed. Souls will continue to be born as the door is open. This is not an end, it is a shift. A new chapter.

Say prayers of peace and good will, speak affirmations that support joy and happiness, light candles and say blessings, do what is most true to your heart, meditate, sing, chant, and move with thankfulness. Hold one another in your hearts and minds with kindness and goodwill.

The transition is happening and humans can do their part. Stay positive in heart and mind. This is a time for humans to be " re-set", the course of humanity is being “re-set”, to come into a new way of being. Connect to the still place within you that is always connecting to the cosmic heartbeat of the center of the Universe and listen. Heaven and Earth are becoming more and more as one. You will feel the truth of this. You can create peace.

There will be disruptions of Earth as she detoxes just as humans are detoxing. Send your love to Mother Earth and all who live here with you. Fill yourselves up with the healing essence of love. Send healing light from your heart.

You can send love and healing light to others. Imagine and feel a smile in your heart, as you remember what you love about your life and yourself. You have the gift of life as a precious human being. You can feel your heart is smiling, you are smiling and your are sending your smile, your love to others. This is heart light, this is healing light, this is the essence of who you are. See and feel the love that is within your heart also touching those you love faraway, those that you love who are no longer on Earth, see that love going to your neighbors, your neighborhood, your community, your state, your country, other countries, the entire world, your Mother Earth. The world is filled up with love from you! This love will come back to you.

Your thankfulness for your life, your gratitude, your positively, your care and love matter. You make a difference. There is only love. There is love for all.”

When you hear or see the word “coronavirus” you can also say or think to yourself:

“We are healthy, all of us.”

This is the message that I received from the Angels, I hope it's helpful to you.

With much love and blessings of health and wellbeing to you,

Lee 03/12/20

Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations


Dear Friends,

The light of love is all around you. You may reach out through the fog that might have recently surrounded you and feel and sense the warmth and love and support of your human family. Friends and loved ones who are also on this journey with you. When you are on a trip, you may be excited thinking about the destination and what that may be like. Perhaps you’ve seen a picture of your final destination or have heard about it, or have been planning this trip for many days or weeks or maybe years, so your enthusiasm may have been built up to a wonderful crescendo and now you can see the final destination in sight.

This time on earth is quite a different variation on that vision of a holiday or vacation or anticipated trip. The journey you are now on is one where you cannot fully see the destination and it’s not clear yet when the trip will end or what the conclusion will be. Much like a sea voyage that perhaps one of your ancestors took long ago, they had an idea of their hoped for destination, but they weren’t too sure how long it would take to arrive to the promised land, their new life. A storm or illness on the ship might have caused a delay or unexpected detour. This time may feel much like this ancestral journey that others took without clearly knowing the outcome, but with much hope, fortitude, strength and courage, they endured and kept hope alive in their hearts. You can too.

Now is a time to also be attuning to the strength, courage and vision of your collective ancestors, those who have come before you. Those who forged the new paths, built the schools and churches, created homes and paths, educational institutions, structures and forms that has now become the society and world as you know it. They created these formal structures out of their belief and their vision of that time.

This is a new beginning; often to create a new beginning, the former self changes. Once you were a baby in the womb and now you are a breathing, sentient being, alive and conscious upon the earth. Being born into a body, was a brave and solo journey that you took. You have been brave! You made the wise decision to come to the earth and to be alive on earth at this time of great and awesome change.

You might be feeling alone or lonely during this time as well. As you look around you and see the earth that you are upon, you can also see the beauty and grace of Nature, the animals, the astonishing and gorgeous sky, the changing colors of the various times of the day as the light travels along with the shadows. The night arrives, the stars come out, perhaps the moon is glowing, or perhaps its a cloudy night and dark with no light overhead. Yet, you know, you believe through previous experience that the nighttime will pass into the day. The clouds will pass, the sky will be clear again. So it is at this moment on earth. There are messages that can come quietly in the dark dream space of intuition and soul speak. These are gifts for you, to draw strength, guidance and reassurance from.

You have the ability to choose how you wish to respond at this time. How would you like to be? Relaxed, hopeful, anticipating and expecting the good? Feeling confident that you will be shown the way? Trusting that life is good and what is happening in your life is FOR YOU and not against you?

If you answer “yes” you are out of the fog and the path is right beneath your feet!

Allow yourself to choose the most comfortable feeling in your heart. Discomfort, depression, pain, negativity, and fear does not create peace in your heart. To truly tap into and experience the new exercises, tasks, and experiences to play with and explore now, requires curiosity and openness to the “new”.

This “new” way is very much like being a child again and asking yourself what do you want to pretend as you play with your friends or loved ones or an “imaginary friend “? Perhaps you want to dress up in a different costume from the one you’ve been wearing. Begin a new path, complete a task, give thanks, show support and love in ways that you have thought of but we’re too afraid to do.

There is an opportunity now and in your current future, to gift to yourself a new “role”, a new script, a fresh start that is unlimited in possibilities. Dream big dear ones, dream beyond self-imposed or societal limitations, enjoy the freedom of re-imagining your life as you would like to create it now and into the future.

The gift of simplicity and the call to simplicity is profoundly being heard by the family of humanity. What matters is the love that is shared, love grows and becomes richer, deeper, greater, than any fearful action, reaction or withholding of love could ever do. You all know this in your hearts, it is the truth that resonates in your very being. Feed the love, like watering your garden, or putting fresh water in a vase of flowers, tend to the love that is growing everywhere all around you.

As you see the familiar life you have known being washed away like a sandcastle by an ocean wave, be of good cheer. You will build your life over in a new way or a re-envisioning that is even better, just as you change from one set of clothes to the other, it can be that easy. Starting fresh, with the community of the world together helping one another. You may think that you are too old, too young, too frightened, too poor, too wounded, too lost to find your way. You all have untold strengths and abilities waiting to be tapped. You will find the way that is best for you, it may feel insignificant or scary at first but as you continue following what feels true and good soon you will have begun again. Like the first day of school or a new job or learning a new task, at first it may seem unsurmountable and impossible, and with the gift of time it becomes familiar and even joyful. This is the way now.

Reach out to others in prayer, with care and kind words, show your love and respect of others by exercising safe physical behaviors. This is vital for the human family to thrive and be re-balanced. Humans beings have the great innate attributes of flexibility and adaptability. This is a grace.

The current episode is a cautionary tale, the planet you live upon became too discordant with not only physical toxins but with the mental pollutants of anger and hatred. Sophia Gaia, Mother Earth is a living, sentient being, she has needed to release these schisms and miasma’s.

There is a great sadness as humanity has been lost and out of touch with its own mother, like a child who has wandered too far from home. Mother Earth will have the remedy for the illness. It will be shown. Earth has intelligence and power. Love your Earth, love your home, love and care for one another. This is the message from the Universal beings of love.

Gather your friends near you, virtually at this time, but one day soon together again, you will be in the physical reality, side by side, with more joy, appreciation, tenderness, care and support than you have felt before.

There will be more strong winds of negativity and fear blasting you to the core and shaking your belief of a loving power and presence. We entreat you to go within, to the still place, the quiet, just behind your physical heart, imagine you are sitting there, its a beautiful place, you are free, healthy, well in every way and you can invite your friends and loved ones, all those whom you love, to be there too.

Keep envisioning this place, feel the presence of this true home within your heart. You are safe and free from worry, doubt and confusion there. In this place, this sanctuary in your heart, whatever you imagine it to be, it is comfortable place and your true home. Be there, go to this heart chamber in any time of strive or worry, doubt or fear. This place is inside you and always will be and always has been.

Place your hands on your heart if you are needing to remember it is there and WE are there with you. The Universe that surrounds you is also the Universe inside you.

We will not abandon you, we are with you, with messages, guidance, re-assurance, strength, love and even laughter. We travel with you on this journey.

Bless those who are on the journey and leaving their physical bodies, hold them in your consciousness with compassion, care and tenderness. There is suffering, send love for many are grieving.

Bright soul lights, like earth stars , are returning to the heavens.

Again we say, This is the message from the Universal beings of love.

With love and many blessings of health and wellbeing to you all,
Footnote from Lee:

Be in awe and wonder of this time.. be free to see it as you wish it to be. Freedom, health, and love for all. The power of your mind and focused intention is boundless, amazing and wonderful. Thank you.

Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations I only went out for a walk
and finally concluded to stay out till sundown,
for going out, I found,
was really going in.

~ John Muir

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The Angels and Spiritual guides are wonderful helpers on our journey through life. The Angels' readings have offered guidance and encouragement in understanding life's challenges and also in helping a person open to new opportunities. Through these exchanges, a deeper connection to Spirit and the Angels can be established. Lee gives private Angel Consultations, readings, etc.