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With the onset of recent world events, all previous angel messages and archives have been deleted allowing for full focus on these latest, most important messages New messages will be posted as directed. Check back often. Quick links to the messages:

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 Hello friends,

This is Lee, I wanted to share with you some images that have come to me these past weeks. Perhaps like you the days are blurring a bit and it may even be difficult to remember exactly which day it is of the week. This is part of the slipping away from the old ways, and opening to another way of being, more present with the present and less attached to the need to know the day of the week. As we as humans change so do are concepts of all that we surround ourselves with and even the notion of who we are as a person can be changing. During the recent world meditation this is what I saw.

There were small fires all over the world as I was looking at the planet from above. People were gathering and with their love they were creating a soft blanket and they laid their bodies on top of the soft blanket to smother the flames, this was the gentle love vibration that I felt during the global mediation that was done by over one million people! Then I saw with my inner vision that there were still “hot spots” of the fire that were so intense and difficult to put out. The virus being the fire of intensity like a hot furnace. Then I saw a hand come through a doorway from outside the earth, an Angels arm or friendly Spirit or Star Brother or Sisters arm and hand, this arm and hand pulled the door way shut on the fire. It was a huge relief that the world felt that the fire was out, but it took divine intervention from Spirit. The earnest prayers and loving hearts of sincere humans contributes to the lessening of the intensity of the fires or the virus. Also the love and care from the other world’s or dimensions towards humanity and our Earth is profound.

I also saw in my inner vision meditation many, many people continuing to leave their bodies and move quickly into their light bodies in spirit. They were flowing easily up white escalators into other realms in the heavenly worlds. People who love them are lighting candles along the side of the path or escalators all the way to heaven.

Then I saw that as soon as the people who have left their bodies are in the other worlds that they turn around and give their love like small white notecards with pink hearts on them and they are flooding the world with their love and care. It is a sacred time for us all and to please remember that this is a sacred time. Laughter and tears are both welcomed and good for the healing of all hearts.

Next in my vision, I was in the belly of a beautiful Mother Whale as she swam quietly in the ocean deep. She knows where she is taking us and we are all inside her beautiful body with her, no one is left out. We may be upset that we are inside this experience in her body and cannot get out, we are surrendered to this. Some will try to protest and want out but in the end the Mother Whale is holding us all firmly in place until she takes us to the destination she wants us to reach.

This planet, “our” Earth is this Mother Whale. Wise, loving, immensely patient with “her children”. The other sentient beings understand the Mother that they live upon and do not seek to harm her. They relax and settle into the womb of the Mother Whale.

Humans are the only specifies that attempts to destroy or even kill the Mother that they live within and upon. And yet there is hope. There is boundless love , there is joy and inspiration, and there is tomorrow. This was my vision and the following is the message from the Angels.
Beloved Ones,
As you are carried along in this experience, you may feel that you are at a loss for words, a loss for your loved ones who are now in Spirit, a loss of connections, a loss of the familiar ways, a loss of such extraordinary proportions that it may be difficult to imagine what is to come that will be positive and life-sustaining.

As your friends and loved ones in Spirit as the Angels and Guides to humanity, we say “this experience is FOR you, not against you.”

This experience upon the Earth is for the re-weaving of the torn fabric of the heart cloth that is humanity’s mantel. The cloth of love that is placed upon every precious human being became torn and frayed for many through neglect, ignorance, lack of care and selfishness. Too many people were being harmed by the few that chose to take more than was their share, not sharing with other humans or the other divine and precious beings that live with you on your blue and green Earth.

Now the time has come for this re-balancing and re-weaving of the mantel of care and connection and communion with the Spirit of the Earth, the living being that you live upon and the living being that you live WITHIN and within your galaxy.

The Universe continues to create and dissolve just as you do. But truly nothing is ever “lost.” Energy does not cease to exit, although many are realizing for the first time that human life is finite. You have this one special life NOW. Time as you know it folds in upon itself. The past and future are here with you NOW.

We suggest that you stay with this energy of Now, and in this now choose the now that you wish to experience. You may use the wondrous gifts of you powerful imagination, as it is the very special place within you, that is like the imaginal cells of the caterpillar as it turns into the butterfly within its cocoon. The caterpillar creates its cocoon then it dissolves its body and for a time is a silver sparkly soup that dreams itself into the butterfly. Yet when it was the caterpillar it had the imprint of the butterfly within it all along, this image also represents YOU.

We encourage you to welcome this “cocooning” time as another phase of life experience.

We suggest that in your imagining that you see the torn places in your own life, become healed and whole, past neglect or damage that has wounded you or caused you pain, forgiven. In doing this, even if you cannot go back to repair the harm or despair in the physical body or with another who is no longer in your life, you can do so in your sacred imagining. To forgive or to ask for forgiveness frees you to become even more gracefully the butterfly that you are. In so doing, you will lay aside despair and suffering and start anew.

As you look to what hopes or dreams you had that are changing now, you can take with you your most favorite dreams and your most delightful inspirations, or perhaps you will create completely new ones.

You are all being given the chance, the opportunity, to love even more fully with your whole hearts, To say to your Mother, the planet that you live upon, “ I love you with my whole heart.” To say to your friends and neighbors and family and even those who appear to be strangers to you, perhaps of a different belief system, religious faith, political persuasion, culture or way of being, to say “I love you with my whole heart.” It may seem odd to do this to a garter snake in your garden or a hawk flying over head, or someone you see by the side of the road, but if you think this, if you intend this, it will create love and the weaving of the torn fabric that you are being asked to heal.

This fabric is the fabric of love that weaves you all together, that is woven together just as perfectly and beautifully as the stars in your sky and the flowers that delight you and vegetables that feed you. All is alive, sacred and deserving of care.

The water you drink, the “resources” of the Earth are not to be taken by humans to use, but rather to be respected, appreciated, and shared and distributed wisely with all, including the animals, plants and other beings that share your Earth.

Humans have had the misunderstanding that they are charged with dominion over the Earth. We offer to you a different understanding that Humans are charged with the ability “to care.” The absolute true dominion is with the celestial hierarchy and the brothers and sisters in Spirit, the angelic world working in collaboration with humans to bring about the image and realization of Heaven upon Earth. Heaven is a beautiful space, and the Earth is meant to be reflection of Heaven, a sacred mirror. Earth is a living Being of divine grace.

Each human being is created from the physical matter of Earth and also the celestial matter of the heavens, the stars. Already you have the physical manifestation of Heaven and Earth combined within you.

As you show love and care for one another, you care for the Earth. As you care for the Earth, you show love and care for one another.

We, the Angels and your Star Brothers and Sisters, will bring our gifts and teachings to you as you expand in your awareness and consciousness. We bow to the ingenious gifts that humans can give to the Earth and all the beings in your Universe. We say to you that truly that Humans are the most loving beings when their fabric is woven together. We are with you to help you weave again the truly wondrous and beautiful tapestry that is each and every one of you.

Peace be with you dear ones, and may peace surround you. Ask for our help, we will always respond, we are with you and we love you.

Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations

Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.

~ John Muir

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