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With the onset of recent world events, all previous angel messages and archives have been removed allowing for full focus on these latest, most important messages. New messages will be posted as directed. Check back often. Quick links to the messages:

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 Beloved Friends,

During this time of great transition I have been praying every day that all are well. As the Angels shared this affirmation months ago,, “We are healthy, all of us.” As I continue to say this every day, I include not only my family and friends and loved ones who I work with through angel readings but also everyone everywhere, the earth, the animals and plants and all of Nature. I imagine that everyone is healthy and well and shining brightly with love and peace.

I pray that in your life, that you and your family and circle are well and remain so, even becoming more full of peace, light, health and wellness in every area of your life. I have noticed with great joy that here in Colorado that the sky continues to be more blue and clear and the flowers are blooming more joyfully this summer, more butterflies in the garden.

The gift of a slower pace for Nature, has provided Mother Earth with a break from the hectic pace of humans scurrying about so frantically on Her skin and in Her sky. She is breathing a bit more easy at this moment. So much goodness can come from loving and cherishing our Mother. As we begin to move about more, we may feel like butterflies ourselves coming out of our cocoons. What color will you be? What do your wings look like? Many are also still resting and cocooning waiting until they are ready to fly. Be gentle with yourselves, keep dreaming the best dream of your future you can imagine. Be well dear friends.

With love and blessings to each of you,


From the Angels:

The word “love” can trigger many mixed emotions; loss, sadness, jealousy and envy, expansion or anger, many different emotions can arise from the simple word of “love. Knowing this, how can a world come together with peaceful respect, appreciation, and care for others? Tenderness, curiosity, open mind, open heart, patience, creates space for love to unfold.

Nature shows health and wellbeing through contrast and variety. It may be challenging to choose which view of Nature you like best, is it the ocean view, the hills or valleys, the mountains or deserts, the sky, clouds, mist or fog? So much diversity to delight and amaze the senses and so much joy, like spices and perfumes of untold numbers for every person. The beauty of Nature, through the natural world shows harmony and health through diversity.

So it is on the Earth at this time, the choice to love and tend the garden of the Earth , the people, the animals, the plants and all beings of Earth, creates more balance and harmony. What is occurring is a great gift and opportunity to evolve through choosing the path of love. A wise teacher said on Earth “ love thy neighbor as thyself”. Love with no restraints, love with complete freedom, to love.

As a soul comes into life as a unique and precious human being, the soul chooses the colors and shapes and textures and patterns that will help it to grow and experience the soul expansion that can occur while upon the Earth.

To choose a specific color of skin, hair tone, size, gender, hair color, eye color, is much like one might choose a vehicle or flower from the garden. It takes much care and thoughtfulness to decide with the assistance of your angelic hosts, guardians and guides to choose what is perfect for you. There are variety of options for all. That is the great gift and delight of choice, to have the ability to choose and to celebrate what you have chosen.

In celebrating what you have chosen, you might also have regret, when you see another persons choice, perhaps they have a faster car, or newer one or color that you like better? This is the way of human mind to be curious and wonder about “the other”. And yet there is the great choice to embrace who you are and what you are. Your “vehicle” your body, your own greatness.

Imagine yourself as your own unique tea or tea bag, and as you are immersed in the water your deliciousness and specialness and tastiness can only come from. You, unique and amazing YOU.

When you look at someone else, perhaps with another eye color, skin color, size or shape, they also have their own specialness that is unique to them only. That is the fantastic gift of being in a physical body, every shape and size and color contributes to the colorful bouquet of the whole.

This is a blessed time to appreciate all the different colors that contribute to the exquisite bouquet of flowers that are the peoples of the Earth. To celebrate all the colors of the rainbow, to enjoy the different music, foods, cultures, speech and language, spiritual paths and unique diversities that all converge ultimately to manifest at one great whole, to be as the drop in the ocean and the ocean itself. One star in the heavens and also a part of all the constellations.

Breathe in your goodness, feel the Earth’s love beneath your feet, feel the air’s gentle touch as a friend of Spirit all around you. As you release your breath, imagine and feel the love and goodwill from your heart floating out upon the wave of air to every corner and every place.

Your divine breath goes to the deep green forests, to the whales in the ocean, to a child you may never meet far away in another part of the land, to a person who is crying or in anger and suffering, see your peace and calm and love go towards the other with a kiss from your heart.

Perhaps your breath is full of sadness and heaviness right now, that is ok. Let go of any sadness and breath in the invigorating and gentle life force of creation all around you. The sadness will be lifted up to a new frequency of light. Just as you are being lifted as well.

If you are exhausted, in pain, in turmoil, in trouble, lonely, angry or depressed, feel, see and know that another’s breath of love is surrounding you now, caressing and loving YOU as you are, right now. The breath of holiness and health and life surrounds you, we surround you.

If you do not feel us or know us, we are just across the bridge, if you come half way we will meet you there. Use the gift of your imagination to extend to us, by opening the doorway of your mind and heart, we can enter easily. We always come with love and good will.

There are times when you may feel lost or abandoned by us. We see each of you as good swimmers in the currents of life. We are like your swim coach or life coach cheering you on, but then suddenly you may not sense us by the side of the pool. We are still with you, perhaps just hidden a bit from your view at the moment, you are swimming so well on your own, then when you finish the lap, we are waiting there to celebrate with you. You are a divine spark, we respect and acknowledge your unique power as a human being to put love into action. .

We are surrounding the Earth with great care. We help carry your energy, your good intentions, your love out to others. We are messengers of love. Your love contributes to the whole of creating a new chapter upon the Earth, of consciously aware human beings who see and know their own divine nature.

When you see a sparkle of shimmering light on a leaf, hear a birds song, smell a sweet fragrance of rose wafting through the air, or witness an image of kindness from one human to another, acknowledge with love and compassion, that you are here, at this divine time, present upon the Earth, together with all the others who are upon the earth with you. You chose to be here at this time, to be present and to contribute to this great awakening.

Heaven is mirroring to Earth its goodness and radiance. Know that the Earth, the world you are living in, is a gift to YOU, a great blessing, to be on Earth at this sacred time it to bring forth your unique “tea” your special YOU-ness, to contribute to the good and sacred whole of all.

The shake-up and break-up’s upon the Earth are necessary to bring forth even more radiant light. Focus on the strength of your heart, know that you are supported by the Divine, by your own golden cord of light that is always connected to Source.

You came to Earth to grow, to expand to explore to share love and receive love. It is a time that has been orchestrated specifically to bring about greater love, freedom and well-being for all.

Time is a tool and a teacher that helps humans bring forth their gifts, while you are upon earth, how will you give your love? How will you receive love?

We suggest that you choose kindness to yourself and others, choose acceptance of “the other,” choose love, always choose love. In loving “the other” you are also loving yourself.

Dearest ones, be curious, be courageous, love is the solution to a higher evolution.

Go in peace, we walk beside you.

Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations

Angels/Angelic Communication, Messages from Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Contacts, Angel Guides, Contacting, Readings, Consultations

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.

~ John Muir

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